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Kalamazoo/Dragons music video

When we took the Kalamazoo out on the scientific expedition last month, I made sure to ask people to get lots of footage. Why? Because I wanted to do a music video. I had coincidentally become totally hooked on Caravan Palace not long before. It was a perfect combination, so I went for it. Of course, Burning Man got in the way, but better late than never. Here it is!

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Wow, that's wonderful. The arm-mounted camera really made it work as a music video.
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I like the way the ending music ties in with the transition down to the historical photo. Also the fisheye effect from the end of the lever arm is cool.

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Yeah, the arm-mounted camera shots are really awesome and also kind of wig me out.

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I saw the same technique used on a fencing rapier and wigged out extra hard.

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Fun! And agreed that the arm-mounted camera totally makes it. Also I liked the shot rolling over a camera a lot. And the switch to the arm-mounted camera facing forwards when the music changed was really well done!

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I succumbed to taste and/or modesty and edited out the upskirt which followed in a couple of frames on the rolling over shot. :)

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Blah blah wonderful blah arm shot makes it blah blah blah good music choice blah.

I guess I could've just posted "+1"?

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Oh shit, was that a drive-by hipstering? I guess I should have realized I was in for that when I made a music video.

For the record, you're somewhat responsible for the outfit I had, and wanting to get some of those shots in the first place, from a comment of yours linking to some historical costume site on the original Kalamazoo brainstorming post I made about 2 years ago. So, thanks. :)

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As I typed it I thought to myself, "I'm trying to say that I agree with everyone, but it reads like I'm just being a snarky asshole". Now I know I was correct in that thought.

Re: outfit - Awesome! Way to follow through.

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Nothing wrong with being a snarky asshole!

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(whew!) :wipes brow.

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I love the flywheel design and the finials, both the ones for the lanterns and the ones at the beam pivot. Did you smith those?

What a great video.

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Yeah, those came out of about 7 forge sessions last year. I might have had the damn thing working properly back then if I hadn't sunk so much time into them.

And thanks. :)