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Birthdate:Sep 4, 1977
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:Attoparsec: Custom Props and Gadgets

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24-hour time, adhocracy, aikido, anarcho-capitalism, angle grinders, anglish, archaeometallurgy, atlatls, biking, black rock city, blacksmithing, boeing surplus, brights, cargo cults, cartography, certifications, coding in freefall, collapse of civilization, confucianism, daria, diane duane, doctor who, dystopias, emacs, escape key, eschatons, esperanto, fandom, fencing, filk, filmmaking, flintknapping, forges, geocryology, gis, glassblowing, gonzo engineering, grep, guitar, hermann hesse, home automation, human powered transportation, iaido, interstitial spaces, ken macleod, kendo, larry niven, lathes, locksmithing, machining, massive soviet technology, metrology, microgravity, midgardmoo, mir, multilingual puns, mysql, natural philosophy, obsphere, old english, opposable thumbs, over-engineering, paddling, parkour, php, positive-sum games, public transit, recursive functions, robert pirsig, sandbaggers, sextants, sf, siege engineering, simulated annealing, smelting, space robots, time team, ukiyo-e, unilateral pre-emptive metrification, united nations, university of british columbia, university of washington, utility belts, vernor vinge, vomit comet, webcomics, xkcd, 無
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