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EL Wire Interface Kit

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As I've vaguely mentioned in a couple of posts, I've been working on productizing the the EL wire interface cards I used in the Lightsuit. This involved getting a custom circuit board printed, which was a first for me. Designing some simple packaging and documentation was also fun. It isn't anything fancy, but it is entirely functional.

The kit was finished just in time for the Kitsap Mini Maker Faire last week. That makes it's past time to make the official announcement online: the Attoparsec Eight Channel EL Wire Interface Kit is now available!

What can this kit do for you? Control up to 8 strands of EL wire from a microcontroller. Why would you want to do that? Because it's awesome -- and can be lot more interesting than just having it blink.

Setting up that little demo took a couple of hours. For an example of what can be done with a little bit more effort...

The kit is selling for $20 in person, $22.50 online with shipping included. Plenty of time left before That Event In The Desert to do something really cool. Just saying.

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This is so cool. I've been thinking of a party/dance suit of EL wirte and this would make it much easier to build.

Are the plans and code for your Arduino available as well?

At a dance having the suit react to movement would be a great effect.

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I haven't put up the code, but I really should. I'm still not very happy with some of the modes, though.

I could draw up plans, but it's all pretty self explanatory. Other than the interface boards, I'm not going anything all that interesting with the electronics.

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That's very cool! Nice-looking board, and a great idea.
We might be interested in pushing that at madscientisthut, if you'd like another outlet, tho' it'd be at a higher price.

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Sure! I'd be willing to sell them for... $18 wholesale? Resellers are free to put whatever price they like on it.

I need to do some more research to see if I can find some cheaper components when I order for the next batch. And get some little parts bags to keep things a bit tidier.

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Awesome. Have you talked to Matt at Metrix about selling these?

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Not yet, I really should. Was focusing on getting the web site revamped a bit this week.

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Will you be doing craft night anytime soon?